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Influenced by the cooling effect of the Pacific Ocean and a combination of summer fog, warm days, and a long growing season, the Carneros wine region is an independent American Viticultural Area (AVA). Carneros became an official AVA in 1983, its unique characteristics based on climate and on its geographic features – the Pacific Ocean, the Coast Mountain Ranges and the San Francisco Bay – that affect the region’s terroir and put a distinctive stamp on its grapes.

In 2019 we received Fish Friendly Farming certification at Calmére Estate and all of our PEJU vineyard estates. Fish Friendly Farming is a managed certification program for agricultural properties to restore fish and wildlife habitat and improve water quality.  By practicing Fish Friendly Farming, we are helping to sustain and enhance the health of ecosystems in our land and the surrounding areas at all six of the PEJU vineyard properties.

For more information, please visit the Fish Friendly Farming website.

Certified Fish Friendly Ranching