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 The Peju sisters, Lisa and Ariana, moved to the Napa Valley when they were ages six and three. Their parents Tony and Herta (H.B) Peju purchased 30 acres of vineyard in Rutherford that is now home to the iconic PEJU Winery. Lisa and Ariana joined the company and are helping leading the direction of PEJU and Calmére Estate Winery.

“In 2016 our family purchased 100 acres in Carneros and a state-of-the-art winery. We have spent two years developing a brand that represents our vision and captures the spirit of this unique property. This cool-climate region is well-known for making world-class Burgundian varietals. The property offers stunning vistas of the San Pablo Bay and the protected wetlands. It’s a peaceful and less discovered area offering up the boundless beauty of nature. It beckons and rewards the curious with wide-open spaces and impeccably made Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

The name Calmére comes from the French words for calm (calme) and sea (mer). The name captures the spirit of this marine-influenced area that offers one of the longest grape growing seasons in the world. A place where grapes take their time to achieve full-ripeness and enjoy plenty of relaxing hang time. Our winery offers a serene location and stunning views of the bay –and wines that are just as stunning.”

-Lisa and Ariana